What is solar energy?

Solar energy takes advantage of the sun’s rays to create energy. It is clean, quiet, and getting more efficient all the time. The sun has been burning for approximately 5 billion years and has 4 billion years or so to go…talk about renewable energy!

How do solar photovoltaic cells work?

Solar Photovoltaic cells contain a layer of silicon, which have the elements phosphorous and boron added, thus creating conductivity in the cell and activating the movement of electrons. These electrons move across the cell when activated by the sunlight’s energy into the electrical circuit hooked to the solar panel.

Is Kentucky a viable spot for solar power?

Kentucky is an optimal place for the growing of crops, and what do crops need most of all? Sunlight. Germany leads the world in solar photovoltaic power and they are much further north than Kentucky. To put it simply, Kentucky is prime real estate for solar power.

What is it going to cost you?

No two installs are exactly the same. First, how much of your power needs do you wish to meet? What kinds of power needs do you have? TVA’s Green Power Initiative can help with the start-up cost of solar power, and there are also some state and local programs that can offset some of the cost. Then there are the avoided costs, such as tax breaks and crediting through net metering. We can make a detailed quote with only a physical address and a year’s statement of energy consumption, available through your electricity provider.

What is Dual Metering?

For those creating their own power, two meters are used, and any power created is put into the grid at a premium rate. This additional energy can be used elsewhere and can offset the total cost of your energy bill.

Do you offer warranties?

As an authorized dealer of Sunpower panels, we use only the best. Our panels have few moving parts to fail and we guarantee our panels with a 25 year warranty.

If the technology is getting cheaper, shouldn't you just wait?

While it is true that prices for solar panels are dropping (50% or so in the last 4 years), the incentives and programs provided by TVA and state/local sources are currently a terrific way to offset start-up cost and fees. The time to install solar at your home or business has never been better. Please visit TVA.gov and DSIREUSA.org for more information on the Green Power Initiative and other programs that can help you get started.

What kind of maintenance will be needed?

Since most of the panels are fixed-mount, there are few moving parts to fail. Our solar panels have 21% energy conversion rate, nearly 6% greater than the industry average and will continue to provide that for many years. What is even more amazing is that Sunpower panels will provide 90% or greater power output a full 25 years from the day they are installed. Aside from keeping limbs and debris from blocking or covering the panels, they require nearly nothing.

What is the turnaround for paying for the install?

We have turnarounds in as little as 4 or 5 years. As stated before, no two installs are the same, and a full quote and analysis would be needed to determine the length of time necessary. With that said, some residentials are seeing a turnaround as little as 8 or 9 years for a panel that is warrantied for 25 years. No matter how you look at it, solar energy is a wise investment for the environment AND your home. Solar home appreciate by 17% and sell 20% faster than non-solar homes, according to a recent study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Will solar panels increase my property taxes?

Solar installed homes appreciate, sell faster, and do not increase property taxes.

Is anyone actually doing this?

Last year, there were 3.3 gigawatts of solar panels installed, making it the fastest growing domestic energy source. 300,00 homes in the United States now have solar. For two sunny days, Germany created 40% of needed power strictly from solar. The forecast for this year looks to see another 29% increase. Solar, as with the sun itself, is here to stay.

How do you get started?

First, ask your power provider for a copy of your last 12 months of statements. Then, with your physical address, we can provide a thoroughly detailed quote for you that explains every detail of solar power, installation, max output, you name it. It is that simple.